Create your organization

An Organization can be small/medium companies want to control jobs that vary in time and amount, a school that wants to keep track of parent's volunteers hours or a volunteer organization that need to control volunteer's hours. The reports and hours submission follow the organization's Fiscal/School Year. At the end of the Fiscal Year a collection of reports will be available for download and the Year is reset.

Create your groups and invite the users

Groups contain the users that could identify a family, members of a department, a charity group among other examples. Groups can have up to 20 users associated and a user can only participate in one group per organization.

Create the categories

Categories are the areas or projects where the member's of the groups report their hours. For each category you can assing one or more category managers, who approves or denies the hours.

Manage the Categories and the site

In the admin module offers dashboars and access to the organization information, including billing information. Depicts in charts and tables.

It only cost $29.90

You will be charged on the day you registered initially each month, based on the number of groups you have predefined. You can increase and decrease the number of the groups any moment.

An affordable and yet powerful solution to manage volunteer and infrequent work-force hours.

Participation Hours offers you:

  • Unlimited Groups
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Charts
  • Module for Category Managers
  • Module for site Admin
  • Hour's can be approved by email
  • Mobile App for checking and submiting hours


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